As we head into the Fourth of July weekend, it’s pretty easy to assume that many people are going to be out relaxing with their family and friends.

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Maybe you’ll have a cookout in the backyard.

You might also be planning on going to see all of the different fireworks displays that’ll be going on as well. 

Many people will also be going to the numerous different swimming destinations across Colorado this weekend, which certainly will be a ton of fun.

However, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has urged Coloradans to practice safety when swimming during the holiday.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Urges People to Wear Life Jackets

Recently, there has been a string of tragic water-related deaths in Colorado, to the point where we’re getting close to matching a record.

In 2022, The Summit Daily reported a total of 42 water-related deaths. With 20 people already dead this year, 2024 looks to be pacing in the same direction.

It also looks like we will easily outpace last year’s mark of 32 as well, along with being incredibly close to 2021’s total number of 22. 

The Coloradan reports that this year’s alarming rate of deaths would be even higher had it not been for some valiant rescue attempts. 

With all of this happening, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is quite literally begging people to wear life jackets not only during the holiday, but the rest of the year.

Many deaths have been attributed to people rafting without a life jacket, which is incredibly dangerous.

What Is Causing All of these Water-Related Deaths in Colorado? 

The main reason why drownings have been happening at such a historic rate is the level of the rivers.

According to the Colorado Sun, the rivers here in Colorado, especially in the past month, have been reaching new peaks.

This is mostly because of the tremendous amount of snowpack from this winter, combined with higher than normal temperatures this spring and early summer.

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