If you know where to look, there are countless hidden gems across the state of Colorado that truly showcase its natural beauty.

Sometimes these places are not just remote, but they're often found in parts of Colorado that are rarely visited by tourists.

One of these places with arguably some of the most beautiful scenery that the state has to offer is not only isolated, but there are no big towns nearby. Another caveat is that the hike up to it is rated as one of the most difficult. However, as you'll see below, if you can make the hike, it's well worth it.

Difficult Hike Leads to Colorado's Stunning Ice Lake Basin

High in the mountains outside of the small towns of Silverton and Ouray sits one of the most gorgeous examples of Colorado's natural beauty - Ice Lake Basin.

While the hike is known to be difficult, there's no shortage of natural beauty to keep visitors to the area motivated to make it to the top.

On the hike, you'll find an abundance of wildflowers, luscious green pastures, enormous pine trees, and more. However, the best part of the trip is undoubtedly what lies at the end of the 3.5-mile trek - pristine mountain lakes with crystal blue water surrounded by magnificent mountains and rock formations.

This particular trip really captures the best of Colorado's natural beauty but as mentioned above, the hike up to it is not recommended for beginners.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual trip up to one of Colorado's most beautiful places, Ice Lake Basin:

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