A unique dessert shop is not only creating treats you've likely never eaten before, but you even get a show while waiting for your order that resembles a science lab.

Keep scrolling to learn about Colorado's The Inventing Room Dessert Shop.

Colorado Dessert Shop is Like No Other

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The Inventing Room Dessert Shop is a fairly new establishment located at 4433 W. 29th Ave. Unit 101 in Denver, Colorado.

Partially inspired by the classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the dessert shop looks like a factory in itself at first glance. However, once you order, you'll get to see the science at work with your own two eyes.

The Inventing Room uses techniques like freeze-drying with liquid nitrogen, compression, and other unorthodox means to prepare the treats which range from ice cream to root beer floats, cotton candy, and even popcorn.

Oftentimes the treats will arrive at your table with vapors still coming off of them giving a visual of just how cold the liquid nitrogen gets. In fact, the liquid nitrogen is stored at a frigid -321 degrees Fahrenheit.

In case that wasn't cool enough, the Inventing Room Dessert Shop also has a special glow-in-the-dark room lit up using black lights. It's in this room that you'll find various other treats, including glow-in-the-dark cotton candy.

The shop's head chef, Ian Klienman, specializes in creating these unique treats using liquid nitrogen and other non-traditional methods.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of one of the most unique dessert shops in Colorado, The Inventing Room Dessert Shop:

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