Every now and then, a real estate listing will pop up revealing a hidden gem in Colorado that many never even knew resisted. Case in point, a beautiful home high in the mountains that was built back in 1988 has recently hit the market and is an amazing, secluded property.

Secluded Home High in the Colorado Mountains for Sale

As mentioned above, the home was built in 1988 and is located in the gorgeous Coal Creek Canyon between Golden and Boulder, Colorado at 31921 Warrens Road, Golden, Colorado 80403.

The property consists of a main house, a two-car garage, and an impressive and secluded in its own right guest house, all on an expansive 45-acre lot.

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The main house has a total of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 2,884 square feet of living space surrounded by spectacular views of the surrounding scenery.

In addition, the property is equipped with solar panels that are included with the purchase to provide power to the home. In addition to the solar panels being included with the home, the listing also includes a Jeep equipped with a plow to clear out the snow during the winter, and the vehicle even has its own carport.

The property is also listed as having a negotiable skid steer fitted with a plow for an additional tool to combat the heavy snowfall, and the entire property is currently listed for $959,000.

Having a home in Coal Creek Canyon is a dream for many with the surrounding scenery and secluded location being especially attractive, and you can take a virtual tour of this specific property here:

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