Azealia Banks made some surprising claims on social media over the weekend that Nicki Minaj cries for Cardi B's friendship. The Harlem-based rapper also said that she wants Nicki Minaj to divorce her husband.

Azealia Banks Says Nicki Minaj Cries for Cardi B's Friendship

On Sunday (July 23), Azealia Banks posted a message about Nicki Minaj weeping for Cardi B's friendship on her Instagram Story. In the post, which can be seen below, Azealia Banks wrote over a blank textbox that Nicki Minaj should let go of her and Cardi B's six-year beef before crediting Cardi B's success to her fun, comical demeanor.

The beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj might stem from a collaboration Future was supposed to do on Cardi B's song "Drip." According to Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee, Cardi B had to enlist the Migos for her Invasion of Privacy single, "Drip," after Nicki Minaj allegedly gave Future the option to remove his assisted verse or drop out of their joint NickiHndrxx Tour.

"U can't be crying for cardi b's friendship," Azealia Banks wrote in a post on her IG Story. "And still almost six years later, not having been able to realize that she's beating you not because she's better - but because she's FUN and FUNNY."

Afterward, Azealia Banks compared Nicki Minaj's resentment to a stereotypical welfare mom in the 1980s and added that music should be Nicki Minaj's only retaliation method because her anger is holding her back from achieving a lot. Later in the message, Azealia Banks encouraged Nicki Minaj to appreciate Cardi B's contribution to the hip-hop industry.

"You cried because cardi wouldn't be ur friend," Azealia Banks typed in her IG Story. "We know u like her as much as we do..It's okay to appreciate what she brings to the table."

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Azealia Banks Tells Nicki Minaj to Divorce Her Husband

Elsewhere in Azealia Banks' rant on Instagram, which can be seen below, the rapper said that she wanted Nicki Minaj to divorce her husband. In Azealia Banks' opinion, Nicki Minaj's husband, Kenneth Petty, was sent to ensure Nicki Minaj destroys herself.

"I'm sorry, but no man who loves you is gonna let you sit around on instalive and scream misinformed obscenities at the top of your lungs while his kid is in the other room. That man was sent to MAKE SURE YOU DESTROY YOURSELF, and you need to realize this asap," Azealia Banks wrote.

In 1995, Kenneth Petty was convicted of first-degree attempted rape for a 1994 incident with a 16-year-old girl. He was also 16 at the time and served almost four years in prison in the case. In 2006, he was sentenced to prison for a manslaughter conviction.

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See Azealia Bank's messages about Nicki Minaj below.

Read Azealia Banks Claim That Nicki Minaj Cries for Cardi B's Friendship and Say How She Wants Nicki to Divorce Her Husband

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