UPDATE (Jan. 3):

This year, Uncle Murda has released three parts to his yearly "Rap Up."

In the second part, the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper touches on Jada Pinkett Smith's viral revelations about her marriage with Will Smith. Uncle Murda also spends most of part two opining on Diddy's sexual assault allegations. Part three is highlighted by Kodak Black's recent arrest, 6ix9ine's assault, Jeezy's divorce, DJ Envy's associate's legal issues and more.

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Uncle Murda pokes fun at Blueface, Sexyy Red, Tory Lanez and more on his annual song "Rap Up 2023."

Uncle Murda Slanders Your Favorite Rappers on "Rap Up 2023"

On Monday (Jan. 1), Uncle Murda released his annual "Rap Up" song, and in his latest recap, the New York lyricist pokes fun at Blueface, Sexyy Red and other rappers who made headlines in 2023. In a new twist, Uncle Murda intends to release three installments of his "Rap Up 2023" this week. Today, is part one.

In his 6-minute-long song, Murda kicks it off with a slanderous take suggesting that Jamie Foxx sniffed Fentanyl-laced coke​​ and landed himself in a coma. That's not going to sit well with fans who were deeply concerned about the actor-singer's well-being during that harrowing time.

Murda then aimed his jokes at Blueface for beefing with Soulja Boy and slammed the Los Angeles rapper for snitching on Offset by revealing the Migos rapper allegedly had sex with Chrisean Rock.

Murda also talked about Sexyy Red and her infamous sex tape scandal. The Brooklyn rhymer believes that the St. Louis rhymer got pregnant while recording the sex tape.

"Sexyy Red made a sex tape and I saw it, I think she got pregnant while she was getting recorded/And I heard she said she got chlamydia twice, that b***h ratchet, let me try to give that girl some advice," Murda rapped on the track.

"It's okay to shake your a*s and put your hands on your knees/But put a condom on to avoid catching STDs/Your p***y pink and booty hole brown, are you serious?/Little girl's shouldn't be listening to that s**t, period," he added.

Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion also get thrown under the bus regarding their legal battle, which concluded last year with Tory getting sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting Megan.

"Meg Thee Stallion out here saying she no longer for the streets/Tory got 10 years for shooting that h* in her feet/She was out here f**king, I ain’t know she was that loose," Murda spit on the song.

Uncle Murda also slammed André 3000's flute album, questioned Young Thug's ongoing RICO trial and more. Uncle Murda also said that he might address Diddy's legal situation in an upcoming part two of "Rap-Up 2023."

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Uncle Murda Says Saweetie Sounds Better on Mute and More on "Rap Up 2022"

Last year, Uncle Murda delivered a 15-minute-long "Rap Up 2022" song where he questioned the guilty verdict in the Tory Lanez trial in December of 2022 and suggested that Saweetie should stop rapping.

Both Uncle Murda's "Rap Up 2022" and "Rap Up 2023" can be viewed below.

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Check out Uncle Murda slandering your favorite rapper in his "Rap Up 2023" song below.

Watch Uncle Murda's "Rap Up 2023" Video

Listen to Uncle Murda's "Rap Up 2023" Song

Listen to Uncle Murda's Controversial "Rap Up 2022" Song

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