I got my first foster dog, he's a two-year old lab mix named Rodgers.

I believe he would be an excellent fit for a single person or a family with kids over seven.

Adopt Rodgers

Why you should adopt Rodger:

  • Rodgers doesn't have a mean bone in his body
  • He is built like an ox and I felt really safe walking him alone at night
  • So loyal it will break your heart
  • He is beautiful
  • Laid back and well mannered
  • I didn't experience any behavioral issues with him
  • Walks well on a leash (basically bumping up against your leg the whole time, again so loyal)
  • Not a runner or escape artist
  • Knows the word 'no' and listens well
  • Up-to date on shots, neutered and ready to be adopted today
  • Very person motivated and just wants to please
  • A happy guy who loves his toys and bones
  • Gentle giant
  • Not a jumper
  • Not a barker
  • He deserves a family who can appreciate him.

He gets a little excited at first, considering he's been in a concrete prison 24/7, but will chill out within a few minutes.

I will say though, my 10 lb dog snapped at him a few times and he was completely unbothered, didn't even acknowledge it. I don't think he's much of an alpha.

He was as sweet as could be with my toddler, however, given the confines of my tiny apartment, it was difficult for them to safely co-exist as he doesn't know his own strength. Although, when he does jump, its extremely graceful because this boy is as gentle-natured as they come.

He is very muscular but I was able to handle him pretty easily and he seemed to like me more than my husband.

Rodgers' previous owner was a man who surrendered him when he moved. Its hard to know if Rodgers was abused but I am confident that he would quickly come around for the right person, male or female.

Because he wasn't the right fit for my living situation I had to send him back to the shelter, don't worry I feel guilty enough already.

Rodgers deserves a family and he completely stole my heart, please adopt him.

How to adopt Rodgers:

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