James Durbin, who finished fourth during the 10th season of ‘American Idol,’ was perhaps one of the most diverse contestants the show has ever had, tackling songs from Judas Priest, Sammy Hagar and other rock legends during his run as a contestant.

But one icon he likely won’t be besties with anytime soon is Axl Rose — especially after Durbin did a radio interview in which he called the Guns N’ Roses frontman a “d-ck.”

Blabbermouth reports that Durbin recently spoke with Indiana radio station 103.9 The Bear, and when asked by DJ Tommy Carroll where he got his soulful singing style, Durbin shared that he’s been influenced by the likes of Humble Pie, Aerosmith and more.

Then Durbin got considerably more specific, telling Carroll, “Look at Axl Rose. He’s got soul. He may be a d-ck, but he’s got soul. You can’t deny that. And talent. But he’s a d-ck, definitely.”

Rose probably won’t bother to respond to the potshot, but before you dismiss Durbin as yet another bit of ‘Idol’ fluff, consider this: his first album, ‘Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster,’ which debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard Rock Chart last November, features contributions from songwriters including James Michael (who’s also worked with Motley Crue and the Scorpions and is currently the lead singer of Sixx:A.M.) and Marti Frederiksen (best known for his work with Aerosmith, Def Leppard, and Ozzy Osbourne).

Watch James Durbin Talk to DJ Tommy Carroll

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