WARNING: This story and its contents may be disturbing to some so proceed accordingly and with caution.

Incredible is the first word that comes to mind when I see this collision and what happened afterward.

Two things that you'll see plenty of in Colorado: jeeps and moose. They're just both a part of life here in the great wild west, and in this particular incident, these two things met head to head.

Now there aren't too many things that can take down a moose, but a jeep is certainly one. While a full-grown male moose can reach up to around 1,000 lbs, the jeep comes in at around a couple thousand pounds heavier, give or take.

The incident occurred in the White River National Forest where a jeep came rolling through a road where several cars were pulled over to the side of the road watching something - perhaps other moose roaming around - when all of a sudden, a big moose came strolling across the road and was struck pretty hard by the jeep:

YouTube/Kayla Zowada

While that was pretty disturbing to see, the moose appears to have amazingly shaken off the hit and walked away into the wilderness, albeit limping a bit, which is amazing and shows you just how big and strong these things truly are.

As for the vehicle and its driver, there were no injuries for the driver, but the vehicle itself may have gotten the worse end of that collision.

Helpful tip: when driving on these mountain roads, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and look out for others, both with two legs and four legs and when cars are pulled over to the side of the road, that usually means there's some wildlife that's been spotted and nearby so slow down just a tad to make sure the coast is clear.

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