Kiss fans have been waiting nearly three years for new material, and their patience has been further tested with a few months of additional unexpected delays for the band’s new ‘Monster’ album — so you can imagine how eagerly they’ve responded to the set’s leadoff single, ‘Hell or Hallelujah.’

The KissFAQ site (tagline: ‘Click It Up’) has collected dozens of reviews from members, and while a few of the writeups are slightly on the negative side — in the two-to-two-and-a-half-star range — the vast majority of fans are more than happy with the new material.

“While much of their previous album ‘Sonic Boom’ sounded like a band who was trying to recapture something from their past, possibly even a little bit contrived on top of that, ['Hell or Hallelujah'] sounds like a band hitting their stride with their current lineup,” wrote Anthony Wright in his five-star review.

“I’ve been listening to it all night and I’m having a really hard time getting into it,” countered the user known as ‘bobrod.’ “I absolutely hate Gene’s bass sound. Not enough low end. It drives me crazy. At times I find the song a bit monotonous. Everything seems to float around that one A chord and it really doesn’t go anywhere. I’m not crazy about the bridge. I do love the energy, but as a whole, I’m disappointed right now.”

“Kiss cranked out a stomper on this track,” argued ‘gshaller.’ “It’s heavy, driving, and has plenty of attitude. Moreover, it doesn’t sound like a compilation of their past work; they retained what defines Kiss without any overt recycling. Slick guitar solo, punchy bass playing, and rock-solid drumming support an impassioned vocal for this sneak peek of what may be a killer album.”

“My enjoyment of new Kiss music will always be tainted by Tommy being there in (original guitarist) Ace (Frehley)’s makeup. It shouldn’t matter but it is for me,” admitted ‘d4nugster.’ “That said, I hope this is not indicative of the whole record as it comes across as too pedestrian for me. … It feels like a by the numbers attempt to sound current and ballsy but ultimately sounds lacking.”

But for ‘KISSForever07,’ the song stands up to the band’s best work. “This is perhaps my favorite KISS song right now,” he enthused. “‘Hell Or Hallelujah’ has definitely raised my expectations for ‘Monster,’ and I am now craving for more heavy Kiss tunes. Bring it on!”

Kiss did indeed bring it on last night (July 4), performing ‘Hell or Hallelujah’ live for the first time, in front of an intimate crowd in London, England. Watch this fan-shot footage yourself and tell us how you think it holds up among the rest of the Kiss catalog:

Kiss Performs ‘Hell or Hallelujah’ in London

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