According to the Reporter-Herald, the Larimer County landfill is contaminating groundwater.

A press release states that "contaminated groundwater has now seeped off of the landfill and into the adjacent natural area." Apparently, it has not affected drinking water or watersupply wells near the landfill, at least not yet.

You may be thinking back to September, when Fort Collins was voted to have "Best-Tasting Water." Larimer County gets its drinking water from Poudre River and Horsetooth Reservoir.

The Larimer County landfill was created before current environmental and waste regulations and has been a source of groundwater contamination since the 1980s. The City of Fort Collins is conducting site tests to find a cleaning process for groundwater.

The county aims to submit a plan to the state of Colorado by November 30.

You can help this issue by limiting your consumption. When you throw something away, it doesn't actually go away it just rots in a landfill.

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