Following several other counties in Colorado, Larimer County will be under a Stay-at-Home order starting 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 26, through Friday, April 17. This is to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the Fort Collins area. 

The near three-week order, issued by Larimer County Public Health Director, 'directs the community to only leave the house for food and essential services.'

Do not panic. Under 'Stay-at-Home,' you are asked to stay at home unless you are doing any of the below, or work an essential job (listed here).

These are considered 'essential activities' and are still permitted under the order, according to Larimer.orgYou may:

  • Go to the pharmacy to get medication.

  • Get groceries for you and anyone that lives in your home.

  • Have a take-out meal from your favorite local restaurant.

  • Get food or supplies for your pet.

  • Take your dog around the block or go for a hike, as long as you are keeping your distance from others.

  • Enjoy City and County open spaces

  • Take groceries and supplies to your at-risk parents, grandparents, or neighbors

  • Get margaritas-to-go from your favorite watering hole! (Please enjoy responsibly from home.)

'We are certain that the sooner we take these dramatic measures, the sooner we will be able to resume normal activity,' the Larimer County Public Health Director said in a press release. 'But, we need all residents of Larimer County to come together and do this for the sake of their friends, family and the community as a whole. Your actions at this moment will save lives and reduce the economic impact of this crisis on our community.'

More on the order here.

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