Procrastinated on your holiday shopping? Trying to figure out how to pull it all off between now and Christmas? Here are several ideas.

Christmas Gifts

Hit the mall

If you don’t already have particular gifts in mind, you’ll be sure to find something appropriate for everyone at the mall since the mall has so many different stores all in one place. While it can be very crowded this time of year, you have a good chance of turning up a good deal or discount with all the sales chain retailers are offering for the holidays.

Shop online

The web is a great option to explore what’s available, pick out what you like and identify the right retailer. What’s more: you can compare prices and place an order from the warmth of your living room. Even at the very last minute, you can opt for overnight shipping to guarantee you’ll be able to place that package under the Christmas tree on time.

Make a present

Nothing shows how much you care as a hand-made gift. Even if you’re not an expert at a particular craft like knitting or sewing, you can easily pull something beautiful together in no time. Some ideas: a photo album (online programs can help you make one look professional), a scrapbook (pull from memories of your time together) or a favorite special dessert.

Order flowers (or a fruit basket)

Flowers are beautiful and fragrant. Also, florists have options beyond roses and orchids. You can also pair them with (or choose just to buy) fruit baskets, balloons or chocolates.

Purchase Gift Debit Cards

Want to be generous but not sure what to pick out for your niece or nephew? A gift card is a sure bet because it let’s the receiver choose how to spend the money. And just about every retailer offers them these days, from Starbucks to Barnes & Noble to Apple.

Consider I.O.U.s

It’s the thought that counts. Rather than rush to buy something your loved one doesn’t need or want, design a formal document that indicates what you plan to do for him or her down the road – whether it’s dinner out, a back rub, or even a series of nights together at home.


Not everyone thinks it’s kosher, but look back at those presents from last Christmas, and pinpoint the shirt you never wore or electronic you never used. Find a new box, wrap it up – and make it look like new – as long as the original gift giver won’t be attending your festivities this time around. Someone else might like it more than you!

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