When I think of Aspen, the first thing I think of is Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber and their adventure in the movie. That, along with postcard-worthy views at every turn and extremely expensive mansions.

There is no shortage of insane mansions in Aspen but there is one place that has a price tag that is totally laughable, at least for my budget. But it's always fun to dream right? It's also fun to take a look inside of these ridiculous places to see just how out of touch with reality these places are to most of us.

Aspen is obviously one of the most expensive places on the planet and if you're looking for a place out there, you know you're gonna spend a good penny.

$30 million will get you a lot, even for Aspen standards. This place is decked out and spread out over 8 acres, over 15,000 square feet of living space, and features a gym, movie theater, seven bedrooms, a couple of different kitchens including a gourmet kitchen that if I had would never cook in because I would have a personal chef, and of course the views.

There are literally sweeping mountain views from almost every window in the house which, by the way, another thing that I wouldn't be doing is cleaning those suckers. I would be paying my maid handsomely to take care of those.

Another cool little feature that goes with this "modest" property is that it's within viewing distance of the X Games which are held in Aspen. So, you could pretty much watch it from one of your balconies or simply take a little walk to the event.

Dreamland for most of us I'm guessing, right? Well, let's dream together and take a little virtual tour because that's probably about as close as we'll get to ever seeing the inside of a $30 million mansion.

YouTube/Erik Conover

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