Downtown Loveland will celebrate love AND art in many ways leading up to Valentines Day with the inaugural Loveland Sweetheart Festival!

The Loveland Sweetheart Festival February 8 and 9, 2019, has Loveland written all over it! It will encompass all the things that make Loveland special! The citizens and visitors of Loveland love the fact that it IS the Sweetheart City - with the huge annual Valentine re-mailing program. Loveland is also loved for its promoting of the arts, with sculptures all over the city.

According to its organizers, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce and Visit Loveland Colorado, the new event features something for everyone - families, couples, beer and chocolate lovers, running lovers, art lovers, those who have lost a loved one, and forever loves. It will bridge the city's love of art and Valentines together!

There will be MANY things as part of the two-night festival - bands, beers, a light show each night, beer and wine tastings (including the annual Valentine beer from Grimm Brothers, 'Bleeding Heart'), a 5K, a contest for little kids to become 'Little Miss Valentine' and 'Little Mr. Cupid' and lots more.

They'll also be doing a few things that really bring art and love together. First, they'll be unveiling a new sculpture- a love lock sculpture! It'll be steel, 10 feet tall and 30 feet wide spelling out LOVE- where people can purchase a customizable lock to put on it. After the festival that sculpture will be at the Loveland Visitors Center- a fitting spot for it!

Get this- the KEYS that go with the locks that are put onto the sculpture, those keys will be melted down to make another love lock sculpture to be placed downtown! Cool!

Love Lock for Sale with Key

Also on site, you'll find a 25-foot tall illuminated heart!  That will look great! Speaking of hearts, they'll be bringing ALL of the 'Loveland With HeART' hearts that the chamber gives to members, to downtown for the festival. A great way to see all of them at once! Great thinking!

Loveland HeART
Dave Jensen, TSM
Sweetheart Festival
Sweetheart Festival

Keep up on the festival by following their Facebook page HERE!


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