Don't blink, because your opportunity at professing your love for someone, for all of Loveland to see, could pass you by.

'Dan 💓 Lisa,' 'Chuckles Adores Sunshine,' 'Mark & Becky, 35 Years,' are just a few of the hearts you are bound to see during the Valentine Hearts season of 2022; but to get your message out, you'd better move quick.

How Much Are The Hearts?

For the 2021 season they were priced at $60. The Thompson Valley Rotary uses the funds to help out children in the Loveland community and abroad.

How Long Has This Been Going on?

Since the 1970's. The Thompson Valley Rotary has been in charge of the program since the 2000's.

What Can I Put on a Heart?

You get 25 characters; keep it clean.

Where Do They Place the Hearts?

They get put up on streetlights primarily along Lincoln Avenue, Cleveland Avenue and Eisenhower Boulevard.

Can I Keep the Heart?

No. They recycle them each year.

I have two stories about these hearts.

  • The only one I've ever purchased, I purchased for a girl I was dating at the time (the hearts cost $40 at the time,) who broke up with my right before Valentines.
  • The second, is how one year for a radio thing, I went around asking the city staffers that were taking down the hearts  if any of the hearts had mentioned me; It was pretty funny.

The hearts aren't always about couples; many are originations or businesses thanking the people of Loveland.

When Do They Go on Sale?

December 1, 2021. You could make it a Christmas present: 'Look what I got you!' Hopefully, going off of my own experience, you don't break up before that.

Where Do I Get a Heart?

From Thompson Valley Rotary HERE.

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