February 28, 2017 will bring an end to an era in downtown Fort Collins. Lyric Cinema Café will be closing their doors on Mountain Avenue. Before they have their closing party that night, they’ll wrap up another 48 Hour Film Festival

Lyric Cinema
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Grab your friends and your camera, and get to making your movie!  Lyric Cinema Café is closing up shop at their current location on Mountain Avenue on February 28, 2017, and they’re going out with a bang! It’s Round 2 of the NoCo 48 Hour Film Festival, featuring movies made locally! The NoCo 48 Film Festival crew are out to make Colorado, especially Fort Collins, a film hub, and this is a great way to do it!

On February 10, film teams with meat at the Lyric. There, they’ll be given a line of dialogue, a character, and a prop. Then, the teams will have only 48 hours to complete a film. They’ll have to write, film and edit their movie all within that short time frame. Sounds like a challenge!  13 teams participated in Round 1 that took place in October, how many will be in Round 2?

Here’s Round 1’s ‘Best Director’ winner:

On February 28, Lyric Cinema Café will screen the films at the ’48 Hour Film Festival’, and then have an epic ‘closing’ party as they prepare to move to the new location on North College.

If you love movies, love a challenge and love having fun, this has your name written all over it!

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