If you were in Berthoud last June, you might have seen a familiar, yet dirty face as Mike Rowe was in Northern Colorado to film a segment for Dirty Jobs.

The two-day shoot took place at a company called Biochar Now. Biochar Now creates a product, similar to charcoal, as an agricultural amendment placed into the soil to increase fertility. Biochar can also be used in other various applications such as algae removal, odor control, reclamation, and more.

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Biochar Now Featured on Mike Roe's Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe took to Facebook on January 15 to promote the Dirty Jobs episode featuring Biochar Now. Saying "Yes - this is in fact the dirtiest episode of Dirt Jobs ever filmed."

Rowe goes on to say the employees of Biochar Now are mad scientists... In a good way, of course. When biochar is made, there are positive implications for the planet. Biochar Now even states that biochar in soils a create long-term carbon-negative cycle by pulling carbon from the atmosphere.

The Dirty Jobs season 10, episode 5 featuring Berthoud's Biochar Now aired on Discovery on January 15. For more information on the episode, you can visit Dirty Jobs on Discovery.

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