We are now getting more details about the shooting that took place today at Arapahoe High School in Centennial. According to 9News, the shooter has been found dead in the school and was in fact a student of Arapahoe High School; his name has yet to be released. It seems he was looking for a specific teacher; when the teacher realized that they were the student's target, they left the building. This move is being praised by officials, saying that it was an attempt to lead the gunman away from the school. The school janitor reported via radio that the gunman was looking for a specific teacher early on in the incident.

One of the students injured is in minor condition while the other is in serious condition. The shooter was reportedly armed with a shotgun and took his own life before police arrived.

UPDATE 4:29: More information has come out about the injured parties involved in the shooting. It's been reported that a 3rd person was injured. It is currently unknown how the 3rd person was injured or the condition they're in. Read More from 9News here.

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