While the COVID-19 Coronavirus is known around the world for impacting the elderly, the majority of early Larimer County cases have been those ages 60 and under.

Of all the positive cases through Friday, March 27, 69 percent were of those under age 60.

Larimer County Department of Health and Environment has been updating its testing stats regularly and sent out a press release on Friday, reminding the public that despite the stereotype, young people are not immune to the virus. The health department also released a video for the public.

Here's the breakdown of age groups as of Friday, March 27:

  • 20s: 11
  • 30s: 13
  • 40s: 14
  • 50s: 16
  • 60s: 9
  • 70s: 7
  • 80s: 5
  • 90s: 3
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