Motley Crue‘s guitarist Mick Mars was interviewed by We Love Metal this week, treating fans to a scoop of what’s going on behind the scenes. Discussing a variety of topics, Mars spoke about Las Vegas, the upcoming Kiss tour, new music and his love for songwriting and touring.

Having recently performed at a series of Las Vegas shows, Martell, who’s conducting the interview, asks Mars if he’s tired, to which Mars laughs and responds, “I wish I could tour all year!” Admitting that “it’s good” getting two or three days off here and there but he likes touring.

With regard to the upcoming tour with Kiss, Mars responds, “We played with them once, more than one time but on a short tour with them and it was crazy then and it’s going to be way over the top this time.” When Martell asks about both bands having full stage shows, Mars is quick to say, “It’s a co-headliner. It’s going to be equal length, equal everything.  It’s going to be just insanely crazy. You’re going to walk out with your eyeballs in your hands.”

Apparently the stage specifics have yet to be worked out as Motley Crue are gearing to head off for a European tour before returning stateside to team up with Kiss. Mars explains that even the European shows will differ in production, so they have a variety of things to consider and as Mars put it “it’s like doing two at once.”

The band have also been working in the studio, running ideas off of one another “just like old times” and things are sounding “pretty good” but it’s unlikely that they’ll showcase any of the new music while out on the road this time.

Mars didn’t say “no” for sure but he did say; we’re trying to put together something that’s really amazing. It’s going to be like a ‘Dr. Feelgood,’ that kind of quality. I don’t mean like stepping back into the 80’s, it will be very modern – just good quality music.”

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