Are there other donut shops in Fort Collins? Yes. Is Mr Yo's going to be able to compete with them in terms of quality and service? Absolutely.

Mr. Yo's Donuts has been a staple in the Windsor community for 9 years now and they're expanding into Fort Collins to make the "Choice City" even sweeter than it already is by opening up a location at 1335 West Elizabeth Street starting on Monday August 8th.


In 2013, owner Hyo Jang opened his donut shop on Main Street in Windsor and hasn't looked back since then. Mr. Yo's donuts has been a staple in the community and everytime we discuss donuts on the air whether it be for National Donut Day or something else, we are always quick to receive calls from listeners raving about Mr Yo's.

Yo's doesn't just have the sweet goodness of donuts, they also have some really good coffee, sausage rolls and their breakfast croissants are fantastic too.


Now, back to the donuts, whatever your flavor and whatever your type,  Mr. Yo has you hooked up. They offer up all types of doughnuts. Cake doughnuts, dough doughnuts, apple fritters, jelly and cream-filled, twists, longhorns and more.


So now, when you get your hankering for Mr. Yo's, you can fix that whether you are in the Windsor area or Fort Collins.

Now for the big question, what's the proper way to spell the word, donut OR doughnut?


Debbie Duz Donuts - Archival Photos

For those not familiar, Debbie Duz Donuts opened in the summer of 1989 as a coffee/doughnut shop where the waitresses went topless. The shop closed after one year of controversy and international attention.



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