Who doesn't love a good mystery? Here's one for Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado area, as someone is building home and wants to keep their name hush-hush.

Wouldn't it be great to find out that Jason Momoa himself is the person that's requesting employees working on a home to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)? I wonder how long that the secret will stay a secret.

A local metal fabrication company will begin working on a new home on Horsetooth mountain, and they'll be needing to sign NDAs. So, they will know who this mystery person is, but they won't be allowed to tell anyone else. I'm putting my bet down that it's for Jason Momoa.

Jason lived in Fort Collins before heading to California and becoming a movie star, so it does track that now that he has split from Lisa Bonet, that he might want a great new place in his former stomping grounds.

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Now, most certainly, it could be anybody.  A famous actor, a famous politician, maybe someone who won a Powerball jackpot. For people working on the home needing to sign NDAs, those workers are going to either see this mystery person on the property or there's going to be some other telltale way of their identity being revealed to the workers.

I wonder what the penalty is if anybody does disclose who the homeowner is. A loss of their job is probably at the top of the list, but there could be some sort of monetary thing attached, too.

Who do YOU think the 'mystery' person is? Comment below to let us know.

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