The states of Nebraska and Oklahoma continue to try, and you have to give them credit for that. But will they really be able to stop marijuana sales in Colorado?

That is what they are hoping for, as they have been asked to be plaintiffs in a case that the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals is considering.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper, the appeal that is being considered would be the combination of two different cases. This would involve a group of county sheriffs from Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas along with a couple in Pueblo county who own land near a marijuana growing facility.

Both states argue that they have interests in the case and shouldn't be left out of the process.

In information gathered by the Lincoln Journal Star, lawyers for the two states noted that, "Because the people of Nebraska and Oklahoma have determined that marijuana is harmful and should be illegal, Nebraska and Oklahoma have a duty to protect their citizens from the continuing harms resulting from Colorado's illegal activities, by taking action to ensure that Colorado marijuana does not enter their sovereign boundaries".

Nebraska and Oklahama only have until May 23rd to gather more information to be considered in the case.

The Supreme Court denied the request of both states last month, and told them that ultimately they had to file with the high court.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson has repeatedly said that Colorado marijuana is hurting law enforcement in his state, along with hurting young people in Nebraska. He also has said that strains are more potent than in the 60's and 70's.


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