Imagine getting fired from a job, cleaning out your office and being basically run out of the state of Colorado by a bunch of angry fans that couldn't watch you leave fast enough.

A few years go by, and after your former employer replaced you once, but failed and fired him... Then, they replaced him with another guy that also failed and got fired. Then they replaced HIM with yet another guy... and that guy now hires you to come back to your previous employer, but in a different, lesser role?

Wait, lemme get this straight. You used to be the boss but got fired and now you're coming back to work for a guy that works out of your old office doing your old job, but hopefully much better?

True story... if your name is Vance Joseph, former Head Coach and now, new Defensive Coordinator for the Denver Broncos. I'm sure this won't be awkward at all.

Current Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton is bringing Joseph on board as his first Defensive Coordinator, rounding out his first coaching staff in Denver for the 2023 season, five years after Joseph was fired for going down in flames as the head guy.

Joseph went 11-21 as Head Coach during the 2017 and 2018 seasons, after replacing Super Bowl winning coach and Broncos fan favorite, Gary Kubiak.

He was regularly mocked for generally not being the smartest of coaches when it mattered most, blowing late situational calls and making some real head scratcher decisions in his time at the helm.

But if there's a bright side, he's always been a relatively decent defense guy, and with previous head coaching experience - no matter how bad that turned out - which should, in theory, allow Payton to focus more on improving the even worse Broncos' offense from 2022.

Another bright side? Sergio Dipp's 15 minutes of fame can live on across Twitter for a little while longer.

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