Around 5:41 in the evening on August 26, 2021, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office reported a call saying two climbers had fallen in Eldorado Canyon State Park.

The two male climbers were scaling the Wind Tower in the park and were reportedly at the top of the second pitch and getting ready to advance the third. Witnesses reported the two climbers fell about 150 to 200 feet until they hit a tree.

According to the release from Boulder County, the two climbers were properly equipped with standard equipment.

The Rocky Mountain Rescue Group was sent to assist the climbers. Bystanders who were climbing a different route and witnessed the incident were able to help emergency responders by having a rope ready to allow quicker access to the injured climbers.

Unfortunately, one of the climbers was pronounced dead at approximately 6:11 p.m. by a doctor with the Rescue Group.

The Rescue Group found the second climber with serious injuries and immediately evacuated him. He was transported to an ambulate and taken to a MedEvac helicopter that flew him to Denver for immediate trauma treatment.

The release from the Boulder County Sheriff's Office says detectives and investigators from the office were cleared to investigate the scene after the evacuation of both the injured and deceased climbers.

The Sheriff's Office says they do not currently suspect foul-play as the cause for the accident. However, the investigation is still active. They have not released the identity of either climber.

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