It's a bar that has played a part in the history of Colorado for what feels like since the beginning of time. But now it's getting ready to take a break to "freshen up".

According to the Denver Post, Golden's famous Buffalo Rose will be opening the doors one more time on November 18th before they take a one year break to restore the building.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

The owners of the Buffalo Rose plan on shutting down the venue for the renovations starting on November 19th that will last until the fall of 2018. They hope to replace all of the plumbing and electrical, add a commercial kitchen, and restore the facades of the building so it fits into the growing downtown Golden area.

A new menu will also be added to the location, with both American and Latin fare being added to the customer's selections.

The Buffalo Rose first opened in Golden in 1859, and served as a multipurpose building at the beginning when it was utilized as the first public hall for the state when it was only a territory.

They have also been home to a grocery store, a paper mill, and a hotel.

Never been to the Buffalo Rose? Check out this video to find out more about it.



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