CSU is one of only four locations in the west for a survey being done across the nation. They are collecting data on the sizes of people. They'll give you a $20 gift card for participating! 

Size World/Size North America is conducting a survey the likes of which hasn't been done in 15 years. They're creating a database of about 18,000 people's sizes from all across the U.S. and Canda. This info is for fashion companies like Target and GAP - and automotive companies like Ford.

Going on now through August 17, 2018, CSU is a location where you can get scanned by a harmless red beam to get a 3-D image of your body shape. They're looking for all ethnicities and genders from the age of 6 up to 75. The whole process takes just a half an hour, and before you leave you'll receive a $20 gift card.

You will need to be scanned wearing only your underwear, but your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed.

Get more on the survey from CSU HERE!

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