Strip clubs in Colorado have a remarkable ability to motivate people to fork over large amounts of cash. At the same time, though, many customers walk out the doors having enjoyed a good experience. Check out these hilarious 5-star Google Reviews of various strip clubs across Colorado.

Google reviews include opinions of the dancers, the cleanliness of the venue, cover charge, drink prices, and the ambiance. For some weird reason, many reviews dwell on the attitudes and professionalism of the bouncers. Strange, huh?

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Strips Clubs In The United States

A report from IBIS Word indicates there are 3,833 strip clubs operating in the United States as of 2023. That's a 1% growth over last year.

Strip Clubs In Colorado

A search through Google Reviews results in 18 hits for strip clubs operating in the state of Colorado.

Average Rating For Stip Clubs In Colorado

If you search Google Reviews, you'll find the vast majority of the strip clubs in Colorado have reviews between 3.3 and 3.8. If you crunch the numbers, you'll find Colorado strip clubs have an average Google Review score of 3.43 stars.

What's Up With Bouncers?

Check out the gallery below, and you'll discover an inordinate number of 5-star Google Reviews that make mention of the venue's bouncer. Do people really fork over big bucks to go to a strip club to hang out with the bouncers?

To Make a Long Story Short...

Some of the reviews shown below have been edited for brevity. Some of the reviews posted were only a few paragraphs short of being a novel. Who would have guessed when writing a Google Review of a strip club people would compose a 300-page thesis?

All In Fun

Over the years I've put together a number of galleries featuring enthusiastic reviews of Colorado businesses and attractions. From time to time I publish a post featuring hilarious 1-star reviews of various Colorado sites, usually natural features such as Pike's Peak or the Colorado River. These are always genuine reviews pulled from Google or other review sites. The names of businesses, as well as the names of those sharing the reviews, are deliberately omitted.

Glowing 5 Star Google Reviews Of Colorado's Best Strip Clubs

Not all strip clubs are created equal, or so it seems. They receive customer reviews like any other business. Looking at Google Reviews, most strip clubs in the state average between 3.5 and 3.8-star ratings.

When it comes to satisfied customers, many choose to leave positive, 5-star reviews on Google. Here's a look at a handful of 5-star Google reviews from various strip clubs across Colorado.

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