Roddy Ricch is making a plea to the city of Los Angeles to stop the violence in the wake of  the murder of PnB Rock last week.

On Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 20), a week after PnB Rock was shot and killed while eating at Roscoe's House of Chicken ’N Waffles in South Los Angeles, Roddy Ricch issued a statement saying L.A. needs to shape up.

"LA! Usually I try to mind my business and let the world rotate but we gotta do better," Roddy wrote on his Instagram Story. "It's too much senseless violence. Too much opportunity and motivation to take things other people work hard for. It's too much life to live to take someone else's away."

He added, "I love my city but we can't keep going out like this. Before you know it, it'll be nobody left to take from or kill ... Let's stay on point stay aware and find better ways to pursue our dreams because this shit turning into ALL NIGHTMARES."

Roddy Ricch comments on the death of PnB Rock

Roddy isn't the only L.A. native to speak out following PnB Rock's tragic murder. Ice-T also offered some wise counsel for rappers coming to the City of Angels.

Police are actively investigating the Sept. 12 killing of PnB Rock, who was shot multiple times following an attempted robbery while he ate at Roscoe's along with his girlfriend. Authorities are looking into whether an Instagram post that revealed the rapper's location may have led to his killing. They have also issued a B.O.L.O. to area pawn shops for anyone trying to get rid of the rap-crooner's stolen jewelry.

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