Located in between Highway 287 and I-25 on Highway 119 in Longmont, you may feel transported to the middle of the galaxy at NoCo's latest craft brewery.

If you are into sci-fi/fantasy and craft beer, your ship has arrived. Outworld Brewing. These folks are REALLY into their concept.

The concept: Great beers made by 'munks' whose trading barge crashed on Earth long ago. These 'Tappist Munks,' as we know them on Earth, are sharing their wisdom of beer making with us.

Featuring Belgian and Bavarian styles, they have two kinds of beer: 'Archetype Beers' that are brewed 'true-to-style,' and 'Voyager Beers' that 'venture beyond classic elements.'

They also have coffee and a great-sounding food menu.

Beam me down, Scotty, I'm in. I've been parched and hungry since Risa.

Outworld's grand opening is Friday, February 28, 2020, at 1725 Vista View Drive, Suite B.

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