It goes beyond their current 6-0 start.

This dates back to when Niko Medved first took the helm in 2018. Since then, the CSU men's basketball program goes beyond stellar performance on the court. The difference? The moral that has been created within the program.

CSU basketball has created a legacy of players with several more recent program alumni that have gone on to play professionally overseas. However, it was hard to see depth or teamwork consistently.

With the team Medved and his staff has recruited and cultivated over the last few years, it goes beyond recruiting for talent. They've recruited legacies.

If we are to just look at this season alone, the key to the Rams' success is their depth in the roster. Just considering the Paradise Jam tournament this past weekend, Northeastern  put up incredible numbers in the first half, but looked burnt out not long into the second.

CSU can start almost any combination of five off the roster and put up record-breaking numbers.

The environment Medved and his staff has created makes all the difference. In an age of teams with the standout superstar - which yes, David Roddy is one of those - Medved has focused on a team that is well-rounded and selfless.

And somehow, through recruiting based off of talent, they've also happened to find the cream of the crop with team-oriented players.

There are not always going to be games where every shot is going in. That's the nature of basketball. But, this team always finds a way to encourage in the ups and inevitable downs of the game. They find a way through it, and that usually lends itself to each game having a different star than the next.

That's going to be the difference. That is what has put CSU in conversation for power rankings and why CSU is expected to win the Mountain West.

They are a team that is easy to root for and makes you smile when watching them. A team that you want to see succeed. And succeed they will.

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