America’s Got Talent definitely has a talent for pulling on the heart-strings. Seems every season they feature so many people with so many great stories. Stories that make you sad, but build you up. This season is no exception. Mandy’s story is a tissue-grabber, but her talent is ‘Golden Buzzer’ worthy! 

You’ve probably seen at least one season of ‘America’s Got Talent’, it’s very popular show. All these people audition to get on the show, then perform in front of a ton of people. They’re not stars, yet. Magicians, dancers, guys who climb ladders with flair, and, of course, singers. You see a LOT of singers. It’s hard to move above the fray in the singer category because for every good singer, there is another who’s just a smidge better. Boom. You’re out. You need to really stand out.

Getting a ‘Golden Buzzer’ from one of the judges means you have, indeed, stood out. Stood out enough that you move right up to the semi-finals- bypassing the qualifying rounds.  When you see one of the judges hit that thing, and then all that gold confetti starts falling, then the contestant crying… it gets me all emotional.

Mandy Harvey got Simon Cowell to hit that buzzer. With just cause. She put on one fantastic performance, of one of her own songs. Also, she’s deaf. That gets you. Then, when The Coloradoan lets you know she’s a former CSU student, who lost her hearing while attending CSU… . Damn!

Also, what is it about a ukulele and AGT that is such a crowd/judges pleaser?

Check out Mandy’s Golden Buzzer performance!

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