Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of… oh wait, that’s a different soap opera.  Drama-rich and story poor, the saga of Guns N Roses appears to be at the end for Slash. It seems the guitar legend is ready to move on from any thoughts of the original band reuniting, once and for all.

“I really, in my heart of hearts, wanted to have the whole original band get together and actually perform,” he tells Rolling Stone of his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, “which I sort of knew was wishful thinking.”

Of course, in reality, singer Axl Rose had put the final nail in that coffin a long time ago, but Slash still held out hope they could pull it off. “I thought Axl was still going to go, and it wasn’t until the last minute that I heard that he wasn’t coming, and that’s when we all decided we were just going to go ahead and play anyway.”

As for the Guns N’ Roses alumni performance that did take place that evening, Slash said “It was all a little bit foreign at first, it took a second, and after a couple of minutes, it started to fall into place. It was fun, I had a really f—— good time.”

Slash did reveal some reservations about the group’s honored status, echoing a common complaint about the Hall Of Fame by asking, “How we could beat out a band like Deep Purple? What is the criteria for getting inducted?”

Slash did note how he was touched by so many of the old guard (Crickets, Blue Caps, etc) getting their due. “I was like, ‘Wow,’ all these guys in their eighties and nineties, some in their wheelchairs, some not even there because they’re dead, all lined up getting this honor, this recognition. That really pulled at my heartstrings.”

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