If you needed another example of how much the Fort Collins real estate market has skyrocketed, a quick search on Zillow will show you. But the results will still shock you.

While we all know that the area has rebounded amazingly from the financial crisis many years ago, many families throughout the city are feeling the pressure of trying to keep up with the dizzying pace of how quick and how much a house sells for.

However, a true indication of how crazy the real estate market is around the city is just by looking at this home that is listed on Zillow.

It may be the smallest house available for purchase in Fort Collins, but the price could still be out of reach for many people. How much? HOW ABOUT $315,000!!!

Yes, you read that right. $315,000 for a 576 square foot home.

Here's some facts concerning the home, according to the information posted on the website:

  • It's located at 140 2nd Street in Fort Collins
  • The home gives you two bedrooms and one bathroom, in a 576 square foot space
  • It comes with a one car detached garage along with two storage sheds
  • Includes a newer roof, updated electrical wiring, and vinyl windows.

Here's a look of the outside of the home:

Credit: Coldwell Banker via Zillow
Credit: Coldwell Banker via Zillow

So tell us, would this be a home that you would spend that much money on? Seems crazy to me, and quite possibly many other people since it's been on the market for 64 days as of the writing of this article.

Need more photos? Check these out and let us know below if you think this home is worth it!



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