Are they suggesting we need a lesson in manners?

Use your blinker. Don't speed. Let merging cars in. These are all easy ways to be respectful on the road. I mean, we all have to share it, right? Now, I know we have been driving less in the last year, but we haven't completely lost our manners have we?

One company would have us believe we have.

According to Insurify, we have lost some of our road etiquette specifically in Greeley. Their 2021 list of the Cities with the Rudest Drivers has placed us in the top 10. Greeley came in at number nine on the list with about 45.9 drivers out of 1,000 who exhibit rude driving. The national average for rude drivers is 23.1.

But where did they come up with that number?

According to their methodology, they looked at behavior on the road that is considered rude or dangerous. Things like failing to yield or stop, improper backing, tailgating, hit-and-runs, street racing, and passing when it's not safe. This is all information from citations that is disclosed to Insurify, an insurance company, when someone is applying for coverage.

I'll admit, I'm a little offended. Everyone makes mistakes, but calling us rude? No thank you. A more accurate list of rude driving would be those who cut you off, take up two parking spaces in a crowded lot, or those who love to flash you the finger for no apparent reason.

As for the cities with the most rude drivers, the top three spots belong to Pocatello, Idaho (1), Caldwell, Idaho (2), and Alexandria, Virginia (3).

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