Observing a bald eagle out in the open not only brings that great feeling of nature, but also the feeling of patriotism, too. It sure beats a turkey as our national bird.

The website OutThereColorado.com recently listed a dozen places in Colorado where you can spot a Bald Eagle. While Barr Lake State Park isn't very far and is very popular as a place to see bald eagles, there is a place much closer: in Fort Collins.

At No. 10 on their list is the Fossil Creek Reservoir Natural Area, which is in southeast Fort Collins, near I-25 and the Windsor exit.

The City of Fort Collins tells us that this is not only a great place to spot the majestic Bald Eagle (especially in winter) because it's designated as an 'Important Bird Area,' but also deer, prairie dogs, and coyotes can be found there.

I think Founding Father Ben Franklin would be a big fan of the Fort Collins area. I can see him walking around Old Town, grabbing a pint at The Forge Publick House, browsing books at Old Firehouse Books, and then venturing out to the reservoir.

Of course, Franklin has been noted as wanting the turkey to be our national bird. We won't hold that against him. Electricity and all that.. He gets at least one pass.

Get the full list of places to see bald Bald Eagles from OutThereColorado.com

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