The Game and former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson recently had a trippy arm-wrestling match where the Compton, Calif. rapper appeared to come out on top.

On Tuesday (May 24), the Hotboxin With Mike Tyson podcast released behind-the-scenes video of an upcoming episode featuring The Game. The post shows the rapper and boxer engage in a tense but brief arm-wrestling match. In the clip, the two men are sitting on a couch and Tyson has a lit joint in his mouth. Game starts to get the best of Tyson from the jump, before the boxer sees that he is losing and decided to put some extra oomph in his effort.

"Ayo, Mike, chill!" Game yells. "It's a tie, muthafucka."

Earlier, Game admitted he was high on shrooms and weed provided by Mike during the encounter. "Mike got me on shrooms, too, y'all. If I'm spaced out for the rest of the day, it's this nigga fault."

He added: "Mike got me high as shit, man."

In a since-deleted Instagram post, The Game bragged about his apparent triumph. "I beat @MikeTyson arm wrestling & before you get started in the comments… he told me this eye to eye after it was over," the rapper typed.

Game asserted he took it easy on the 55-year-old boxer. "I went light on em in the end cause I love him & I found it in my heart to let him come back lol," he added. "Not to mention, he leaning in with his whole body, n pulling on the couch arm… strong ass nigga ha ha ha."

Check out video of The Game and Mike Tyson's encounter and arm-wrestling match below.

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