There's small town living and there's pretty much having the whole place to yourself, and that's the situation in tiny Fulford, Colorado...population two.

According to MSN, who conducted some research for the tiniest town in every state, Fulford gets that honor for Colorado. Fulford, which is located pretty much in the center of the state south of I-70 in Eagle County, sits at an elevation of 9,860 feet above sea level.

Fulford was a big mining town back in the day but like most others, suffered some setbacks. Now there's not much left except for some cabins, a few old buildings and...two people.

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Fulford was originally two towns, Camp Nolan and Polar City. In 1891 Arthur H. Fulford was a popular resident of Eagle, well-known there and in Denver. He had mining interests throughout the county and knew of a good property across New York Mountain and down Bowman Gulch that would be open for re-staking. He went on a hike on that New Year's Eve day and never returned: Arthur died in an avalanche.

If you're thinking about checking this place out in person, it's a bit of a haul. However, if you're into a little history and checking our creepy little towns in the middle of nowhere, might be a fun little trip. It will take you a little under 4 hours (give or take with traffic):

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