A piece of music history from Northern Colorado. I know I would definitely want to have this. In my garage, my man’s cave, even the kitchen. It wouldn’t matter where I kept it, I would always say – ‘Hey, come look at The Mishawaka’s disco ball that I scored!

Disco Ball- Stock Photo

A piece of Northern Colorado music nostalgia is up for grabs! The Mishawaka has been in the Poudre Canyon for decades, providing live music right along the Poudre. It’s loved by so many folks around here that I can’t wait to see who’s going to win their disco ball, because THAT is going to be one great story.

The Mishawaka is taking down their old disco ball and replacing it. Replacing it with what, a NEW disco ball, of course!  Can you imagine the stories that old ball could tell, after hanging up there for so long? Epic stories. A story is what it will take to WIN the old disco ball. They want people to submit the story of their favorite Mish memory; the best one wins!

Did you go up to see an awesome show? Maybe you took a visiting friend or family member up there for lunch, and it turned out better than could be expected.

You wouldn’t want to use my story: I had tickets to see the bluesman Keb ‘Mo. I love Keb ‘Mo. I took my ex. We had a few beers, a few shots of whiskey, and then… Well, let’s say I learned not to take an ex to a blues show and have whiskey with them. Actually, SHE would say not to go with an ex to a blues show and let him drink whiskey. No matter, it’s a story that’s not going to win that disco ball!

What is YOUR GREAT Mishawaka memory?

Good Luck! Show us pictures of where you put it when you win!

Dave at Mishawaka
Not the Keb 'Mo show.

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