If you have ever been on any social media platform, you will know about the current trend of binging television series’ and movies through your very own television or mobile device.

Nowadays, people just “Netflix and chill” or “Hulu and relax” or whatever television/movie streaming service you might have combined with some sort of serene word following it.

While that’s great, and who doesn’t love a lazy day spent inside, I think we have seriously started to neglect movie theaters and have completely forgotten about the “old-fashioned” experience of going outside of our own house to watch a movie.

I challenge you to first of all, drop the phrase “Netflix and chill” like a bad habit. Secondly, I challenge you to branch out and go to a theater like our ancestors used to do – and by ancestors, I mean everyone and anyone that has been to a movie theater since the first one was built in Washington, Iowa in 1897.

Here are Northern Colorado theaters where you can check out a flick:

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