Obviously, there are more, but I'd like to talk about the three things that I swear by and don't leave the house without when I'm heading up into the mountains.

We hear about it so often that someone is missing, gets lost, has an accident, or is in distress in the mountains. This time of year, especially, is no joke up there.

So many people love to enjoy the great outdoors all year round — as do I. Whether your definition of adventure is a mellow hike on a meandering trail or steep drops off cliffs on skis in the backcountry, the Apple Watch, and one particular feature, is something you should know about.

Now, obviously, you need to take the proper precautions when heading out and about in the wilderness any time of year, especially in the winter. But three things could help if you find yourself in trouble.

When there's an incident up in the mountains, it can take a long time, hours even days before help arrives, but thanks to technology, help can arrive within minutes with safety features that can send help direct authorities and rescue teams to your exact location. How cool and comforting is that?

I use three things and highly recommend carrying for a just-in-case scenario if you get lost or injured in the wilderness.

1. GPS Receiver

I don't go anywhere without my GPS receiver. These things are on point, trustworthy and work in any element, environment and terrain anywhere in the world.

Depending on how fancy you want to get, they can run anywhere from $150 to several hundred bucks. I got mine for about $200, and it works great and has for a few years now.

2. Solar Charger

Solar charges are super handy and can be a lifesaver if your phone or anything else that needs charging dies while you're out exploring. I don't do much overnight backpacking or anything like that, but for those who do, these things are fabulous.

3. Apple Watch

Yup, you wear that Apple Watch to keep track of your fitness, steps, make your calls, etc. That little contraption can also save your life if you know what to do.

There are emergency features on your Apple watch that enable you to set up an emergency contact. If needed, your watch will call that person and give them your location, notifying them that you are in distress.

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