We took a trip to the Windy City of Chicago a few years back. Everything about the metropolis was amazing, and we have fond memories of our trip. Nearly five years later, we still talk about the trip.

One main topic of discussion has always been food. Particularly the Chicago Dog. The regional favorite is made with specific ingredients and in a certain way that makes the Chicago dog unique.

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What Makes the Chicago Dog Unique?

The hot dog - Vienna Beef brand hot dogs are used in Chicago dogs. The flavor and the "snap" when biting into this specific brand are what make the franks so special.

The bun - To be an official Chicago dog, there must be a poppy seed bun. No exceptions.

The toppings: Ketchup is a sin when it comes to Chicago dogs. These are the seven toppings that make up the Chicago Dog.

  • White onion
  • Yellow mustard
  • Sweet pickle relish
  • Dill pickle spear
  • Pickle sport peppers
  • Tomato slice or wedge
  • Celery salt

Where Can You Find a Chicago Dog in Colorado?

If you are ever in the Denver Metro area and find yourself wanting an authentic Chicago dog, you are certainly going to want to go to a place called Chicago Style Beef and Dogs on West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood.

Take a look at this masterpiece of a Chicago dog from Chicago Style Beef and Dogs.

Chicago Style Beef and Dogs also has another Windy City icon too... The Italian Beef.

Chicago Style Beef and Dogs has many more Windy City food icons on their menu. I have a feeling the next time I am craving a Chicago dog, I will be making a trip down to Chicago Style Beef and Dogs at 6880 West Colfax Ave in Lakewood.

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