It's one thing to say that Colorado drivers suck. It's another thing to prove it.

(As if you needed the proof.)

Since moving to Colorado nearly a year and a half ago, I've come to find that drivers here in the Centennial State are anything but "good;" in fact, I often wonder how some people I've encountered on the roads even obtained a driver's license.

The fact does remain - there are crappy drivers in every state (yes, even in New Jersey) - but I'm not here to talk about the other 49 states, I'm here to talk about good ol' Colorado; scratch that, I'm here to expose Colorado and the lack of mindful drivers here once and for all.

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As I said, it's one thing to say that Colorado drivers suck, but it's another thing to say something like that and actually be able to back your words up - and boy, can I back mine up.

Like millions of others these days, I spend a lot of my free time on the popular social media platform TikTok. (Seriously, if you're ever looking for a good way to kill some time - without having to put in much effort - I suggest downloading this app, it'll keep you entertained for hours.)

In the midst of scrolling through videos the other day, I came across a video that led me to arguably one of the best pages/accounts on the platform - @ColoradoDrivers. 

If you ever had a doubt about just how crappy the drivers in Colorado are, look no further.

All of your doubts will seemingly wash away after a quick scroll through this TikTok account; drivers weaving in and out of lanes, drivers neglecting to use their signal, blatantly oblivious drivers - or better yet, drivers that fall into every one of the mentioned categories - all exposed in a series of videos on this one page dedicated to Colorado drivers.

I mean, I've seen the scenario below while driving in Colorado on multiple occasions; I'd even go as far as to say you have, too (or, if not, something similar/of equal aggressiveness):

And don't even get me started about the way Colorado drivers go about navigating around a roundabout. Oh, that's right, I don't even need to explain - check it out for yourself:

I have to ask, exactly how hard is it to get a driver's license in Colorado? Because I'm thinking it's got to be pretty easy.

All I can say is that next time somebody wants to argue with you about how bad Colorado drivers are, just let these videos do the talking.

Also, be careful out there.

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