Rocky Mountain National Park is the third most-visited park in the country, so here's how to enjoy it this summer (and avoid everyone else visiting as well).

In a press release, the National Park Service reported 45 million people visited Rocky Mountain National Park last summer, so they've offered the following advice to help you enjoy nature the way it was intended: away from other people.

1) Hike early or hike late in the day. Peak visitation in the summer and fall is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. But, remember to always check the forecast for thunderstorms, as that can be dangerous in the afternoons.

2) Carpool or take the park shuttle to decrease traffic congestion.

Jenny Harding/TSM
Jenny Harding/TSM

3) More than eighty percent of park visitors arrive through the east entrances of the park, NPS says, so try one of the others.

4) Starting in September, there are 50 percent more visitors on the weekends than weekdays, so *cough* call in sick to work *cough*.

5) Want to camp? They recommend reserving a camping spot six months in advanceyikes. 

Go here for more tips and info on Rocky Mountain National Park.

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