Having your car/truck stolen has got to be terrible. You can't get around, and you probably won't get it back, along with what possessions were in it. Here are the top five that were stolen in 2020 around Fort Collins.

The Auto Theft Intelligence Coordination Center (ATICC) recently released the data on the vehicles that were stolen in the Denver area in 2020. I reached out to them, to see if they could break it down for Northern Colorado.

They were kind enough to do so. Sometimes, you just need to ask, right?

Of all the cars I've owned in my life (more than five), I think I would have been really devasted if I walked out of my house and found my 1979 VW Scirocco had been swiped. Not that it was a great car, but I was young, and it was cool. 'Not my Scirocco, Dude!'

Does your current car fall on the list of 'most-stolen in 2020'*


GMC Sierra - 1995. 1999-2007 year models -- 593 thefts.

Maybe the movie 'Fargo' has lead to an interest in them.


Honda Accord -- 1990-1997, 2002 year models -- 920 thefts.

A very non-descript car. Hondas of all models are stolen widely.


Ford F-250 -- 1999 -2008 year models -- 922 thefts.

Steal a big truck, so you can steal a lot of other little things.


Honda Civic --- 1993-2000, 2002, 2009 year models --- 956 thefts.

I owned two late 90s models of the Civic. A lot of people 'trick' them out. I did not. Nearly 1,000 were taken to probably be used to help 'trick-out' other Civics.


Chevrolet Silverado - 1999-2008 year models -- 1,147 thefts.

A 2020 study showed that one of the reasons that it ranks so high is that thieves are hacking into OnStars within Silverados to get quick access to the truck and take them away.

Hopefully, 2021, doesn't find you filling out a report on a stolen vehicle.

Source: [ATICC Release]

*Data pulled from the county level, including the counties of Boulder, Jackson, Larimer & Weld Counties.

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