The list may not be long, but it is an interesting variety, the list of the top six places to stop for coffee in Greeley.

You don't have to stop by Starbucks to enjoy a coffee, tea, espresso, etc. Considering that Greeley is a college town, you would think that the list would be longer, of places for coffee.

That's alright; it just means less time having to decide on which place to hit up for a quick 'fix' of caffeine or to meet friends.

Take a look at TripAdvisor's Top Six:


West of 23rd Avenue on 10th Street.

Example review:

Not only do they have super coffee and service with a smile, but this company is always ready to help out and our community. I appreciate all they have done for the people of Northern Colorado and particularly Greeley and Weld County.


East of 8th Avenue on 16th Street.

We recently went to John Galt Coffee for the first time and were so impressed by the friendliness of the staff, the quality and price of the coffee and the interior of this location. It was really excellent and we will definitely be going back for more coffee!!



At the corner of 8th and 8th.

We absolutely LOVED this place! The atmosphere was laid back and relaxing. Such a unique idea.... "The snarky side of coffee." The quotes just made us smile. The coffee was yummy and the chef salad was made with my special requests. For a local business, it has a BIG feel to it!


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23rd Avenue south of 16th Street.

This coffee shop is a neat shop nestled in a business park. It has unique coffee drinks and food options. Pretty good, but not outstanding. Good for casual style to read, meet up, or work from quietly.


#5 - ZOE'S

Just east of the corner of 8th Avenue and 10th Street.

Probably one of the coolest places in Greeley. A lot of tables, so you never have to worry about not having space to study/work on stuff. The coffee is good and so are the cookies! They are closed on weekends coffee shop wise for events, and have shorter hours in the summer.



Westlake Village Shopping Center

Great coffee, great tea and an inviting atmosphere with plenty of “standards” playing in the background adding to the very calm atmosphere. Enjoy some of the specialty coffees as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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