Ah, the elusive mystery being, Bigfoot. Does it, he, or they, really exist?  Check out these two reports from Colorado; one of them from just outside of Estes Park.

The Bigfoot Researchers Organization (BFRO) keeps track of sasquatch sightings across the nation and recently on their site, they posted reported sightings here in the Centennial State during the spring and summer of 2019.


In May, on Storm Mountain (about 10 miles outside of Estes Park), a woman was outdoors with her husband on a mid-afternoon hike when they heard a sound akin to a child's voice. She ventured ahead of her husband with one of their walkie-talkies.

At one point, she heard a sound like tree limbs cracking and saw something in a rock outcropping. At that time, she felt like she'd been zapped by something; then her phone died. Before the zap, though, she captured a picture of what she believed was a sasquatch.

BFRO came in late June and did some investigating. Even though the photos weren't the best, they concluded that they could be pictures of a sasquatch. They put it down as a 'Class B- less credible.'

Check out the woman's photos and the BFRO investigation HERE.


On July 25, 2019, there was a 'Class A- Likely' sighting near Copper Mountain at Mayflower Gulch. A man and his girlfriend were hiking in the early afternoon on a clear day and saw, in the distance, what looked like a sasquatch trying to scale a wall of snow.

After the sasquatch had moved off, they went and got some photos of its handprints in the snow.

BFRO investigators found these witnesses' accounts very credible and suspect that they did, in fact, see a young sasquatch.

Check out the photos and the hikers' account HERE.

What do YOU think? ARE there Bigfoot/Sasquatch?

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