Watch two moose and a fox chilling together in a backyard in Colorado. It's just another day in Colorado, where wildlife is everywhere hanging out together.

Picture this, you walk into your backyard only to find that you've somehow become the Snow White of Colorado. You see two moose laying down and napping next to the pond in your yard, but that's not in.

Then, there's the moose's best friend that decides to come and hang out too. I know what you're thinking but it's actually not Rocky the squirrel (like from the show Rocky and Bullwinkle) it's a different animal, it's a fox.

A fox decided to join the two lounging moose to make this a party because two's company and three's a crowd. The fox quietly approaches one of his buddies, and sniff their hooves. The moose doesn't move at all while its fox friend checks them out. It's adorable to watch the fox go and check on its friend.

I don't blame these Colorado cuties for posting up this backyard. It looks extremely peaceful with the little pond, seating area, plenty of trees and what looks like a bird feeder.

Since this man in Frisco is essentially Snow White, maybe he can get these furry friends to help him out. They could get the mail, mow the lawn and tend to the pond. Moose love to swim and fox love to fish. Maybe his furry friends can even throw the dishes and laundry in there too in exchange for some scratches and a custom song.

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