This is a fun, great story; as this associate professor from UNC will technically be making her SECOND appearance on Jeopardy!

It's not like she comes across as a snooty professor who was all-cocky going in, either. Isn't it fun when someone from Colorado gets to have fun on a game show?

Courtesy of Lynn Klyde-Allaman

Lynn Klyde-Allaman is an assistant professor in Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Northern Colorado, specializing in Women In Sports and Women in Media. She can also add to her resume 'Jeopardy Contestant'.

UNC has the story on how In 1968, Lynn was technically on the show for her first time, as her mother was a contestant while pregnant with Lynn! Her mother won some cash and a set of encyclopedias- that's where the knowing of stuff began for Lynn!

She also prepped to be on Jeopardy by studying the archives that are available online, going back 34 seasons! Then, she took their online test for the show - and garnered an interview and finally a contestant slot! Her show taped in December of 2017, and will air on March 22, 2018! 

There's going to be a 'Viewing Party' at UNC that night! FUN!

Get more information on Lynn and the viewing party from UNC - HERE!


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